The stickers are finally here! That means it’s officially time to open our website to the public!

Don’t hesitate to come say hi if you see me in person – I’d love to chat and hand out free stickers! Cheers!

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Ikasu Brewing!!

Big news, everyone! My dream is brewing! I’m opening Ikasu Brewing!

Where? Somewhere awesome in the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) in Los Angeles County, CA – keep your eyes peeled!

When? Targeting 2024, but hey, life happens.

What’s set? Just the killer name and logo, but trust me, this is no flight of fancy.

What’s next? This blog is your backstage pass to Ikasu Brewing. Think progress updates, homebrew lab insights, and my honest takes on the latest brewing science.

Join the journey! I’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be shy – use the “Leave A Comment” below or “Contact” page to say hi. 👋

Cheers! -Masa

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