My Beer Certification Journey – BJCP National Judge & Advanced Cicerone®

My journey toward beer certifications culminated recently with passing the Advanced Cicerone® exam. Achieving the BJCP National Beer Judge certification was a significant milestone that deepened my understanding of beer evaluation and brewing standards. The overall experience was incredibly challenging. Now that this demanding path has reached its end, I find myself with a touch […]

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My journey to Copa Cervecera Del Pacifico, a major Mexican commercial beer competition, began on a whim. While attending the Advanced Cicerone Tasting Exam in San Diego, Jesus (whose performance surpassed mine) raved about the event. The three-day judging session followed by a renowned beer festival Ensenada Beer Fest sounded incredible. Weeks later, both Rick

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GTG (Green Tea Gose)

Left: Matcha, Right: Sencha Have you ever encountered a green tea-infused beer? While uncommon in local breweries, the vibrant green Kyoto Matcha IPA from Japan showcases the potential of this unique ingredient. Inspired by this discovery, I began a homebrewing journey to explore the possibilities of incorporating green tea into beer. My initial attempt wasn’t

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Real Japan Lager Project: Sticky Rice vs. Flaked Rice

What pops into your mind when you hear “Japanese Lager”? Asahi? Kirin? Sapporo? You got it! Now, how would you describe them? Light, crisp, dry, refreshing… perhaps a touch bland or similar to Budweiser? One key difference between Japanese lagers and other styles lies in their use of rice as an adjunct sugar source alongside

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The stickers are finally here! That means it’s officially time to open our website to the public! Don’t hesitate to come say hi if you see me in person – I’d love to chat and hand out free stickers! Cheers!

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Ikasu Brewing!!

Big news, everyone! My dream is brewing! I’m opening Ikasu Brewing! Where? Somewhere awesome in the San Gabriel Valley (SGV) in Los Angeles County, CA – keep your eyes peeled! When? Targeting 2024, but hey, life happens. What’s set? Just the killer name and logo, but trust me, this is no flight of fancy. What’s

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